Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee
Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM) serves the purpose of making the world a better place under the United Nations since 1984 after the Universal Introduction of Human Rights. SOCHUM is specialized in social structure, cultural stratification and humanitarian matters just as the stated agenda items. Xenophobia and Racism are ongoing issues on the world that are causing acculturation in the social structure and damaging the trustworthiness of a country on the topic of Human Rights. In the past, the United Nations has witnessed what Racism is capable of. On the basis of history repeating itself, actions must be taken immediately in order to avoid further tragedies and problems. Humankind is currently struggling with racism all over the world and shall not face further genocides and violent actions against individuals or races. Besides, DR Congo is also experiencing unprecedented social balance irregularities due to chaos all over the country with their people’s lives at risk and in need of immediate help. Not only the solutions but also the problems are still not decisive and need clarifications. For both the mental well being of the population and the social structure balance of the world, SOCHUM will review these matters at hand.
Agenda Item 1:
Elimination of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related intolerance
Agenda Item 2:
Addressing the social effects of the situation in DR Congo