Minamoto no Yoritomo’s Cabinet

The Minamoto was one of four great clans that dominated Japanese politics during the Heian period — the other three were the Fujiwara, the Taira, and the Tachibana. The clan was established by Minamoto no Makoto (810 – February 13, 868), seventh son of the Japanese Emperor Saga and ruled throughout generations by his successors. Minamotos are the ones who unified Japan after the Genpei War. Branching structure of Minamoto Clan was similar to other noble clans of Japan, in case one of the sons of the clan leader (emperor) has a self achieved accomplishment such as a victory in a war or conquest of a new area he will have the chance of starting his own family clan as a subclan (Genji) of his father’s clan however after a certain amount of time the successors believed that it would be much better to continue the family legacy rather than establishing a subclan. That’s the origin of 21 subclans of Minamoto. Cabinet will take place in 1180 before the great Genpei War.
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