Parlement Français

House of Legislature of France is serving France government since 1948 after the Constitutional Monarchy. The modern meaning of “Parliament” was found in France after the Revolution and continue to retain it with Parlement Français. Parlement Français focuses on a variety of topics regarding France such as Economical stability and Political structure in France. First agenda item aims to address the biggest problem in France which is the instability and fluctuates in the Economy of France and it’s consequences. People of France have already started propagandas and protests on the matter at hand and their toleration is decreasing day by day. France government needs to address and solve these problems as quickly as possible in order to avoid further problems and protect the sanction power of France on international matters. Moreover, France ties with Britain are suffering from the loss of power. After the split of the British side from the European Union, the ties between European Countries and Britain has weakened and has to be reviewed again in order to proceed with stronger ties and partnerships between countries. France is one of those countries that have to decide what will benefit them the most and how are they going to proceed with their affairs with Britain.
Agenda Item 1:
Addressing worsening economic capacities, high employment, and current account deficit
Agenda Item 2:
Redefining British ties after Brexit