What is CALMUN?
CALMUN is a simulation of the actual United Nations committees and organizations. Delegates from different cultures will be debating about important global issues such as children rights, disarmament and security in five different committees during the conference.
What is the dress code for CALMUN?

The delegates are expected to wear formal during the Conference including the opening ceremony. Business attire shall be worn by the female participants and suits, jackets and tie/bowties would be appropriate for male participants.

Social events do not have a dress code. Delegates may wear casual during the events. Female delegates must have appropriate bottoms and tops that conforms to the formal debate environment.
Where and when is CALMUN 2020 going to be held?
Venue details will be announced soon
How experienced do I need to be to attend to the Conference?
CALMUN 2020 committees are convenient for different academic levels. Meaning, every high school or university student wishing to attend the Conference can fill an application form and they will be simply allocated to the committee according to their experience level from beginners to advanced delegates.
What should I bring to the Conference?
Conference materials are going to be provided by the operations team at the first day of CALMUN 2020. It would be useful if delegates brought their laptops, tablets, USB drives or other electronic devices if available.
How can I get to the conference venue?
Transportation details will be announced soon.
How many delegates will be representing a country in each committee?
Every country in each committee will be represented by one delegate.
Can I represent my own country?
Individual delegates are not allowed to represent their own countries and delegations aren’t allowed to represent counties of their institutions.
What should I do to get prepared for the conference?
The study guides of each committee will be published under their own introduction page. Any further readings are included within the guides, however it's also recommended for delegates to conduct a brief research in prior regarding their positions.
Is it obligatory to attend all sessions during the Conference?
Attendance of each delegate will be considered during the evaluation process of academic awards. Other than that, delegates who weren’t present in more than two sessions won’t be receiving certificates of participation at the end of the Conference.
What are the accommodation options?
The suggested accommodation options will be published under the “Accommodation” section.
Are position papers required from every delegate?
The delegates that are expected to deliver a position paper will be informed in their study guides.
How can I apply to CALMUN 2020?
You may fill an application form as soon as the applications are open. It’s possible to apply as a rapporteur/committee director, an individual delegate, delegation, press member or an administrative staff.
What is the deadline for registration?
Deadline details will be announced soon.
How many delegates can apply as a delegation?
There should be at least four and maximum 20 delegates to form a delegation. In case there are less than four delegates from the same institution/school, we recommend the delegates to apply individually. If there are more than 20 delegates from one institution/school, delegates may form two different delegations.
How many advisors can accompany each delegation?
Maximum two advisors can accompany each delegation.
Is there a way to get an invitation letter for my school/institution?
An e-mail to our public relations team will be enough to get an invitation letter.
How can I acquire Visa for Turkey?
Delegates wishing to get informed about the process may send an e-mail. A visa letter will be sent if necessary.
Is attendance to social events obligatory?
No, its up to the participants to attend or not. However, the operations team suggests participation to the events to have good time.
Can I state my own ideas during the debate in the committee?
Every delegate must speak according to the policies of the country they are representing. No personal ideas are allowed in the committee.